Our Philosophy

We work closely with our clients for a unique project in respect to his personality and his needs.


Through this partnership and the pedagogy that develops around it, architecture is made both sensitive and rigorous, around natural materials sublimated by light.


We create stories and atmospheres. The human is at the center of our thinking.


Our work on housing, in particular, has led us to work in particular on existing and old buildings, in the context of transformations or expansions of single-family houses, but also for residential programs.


Our mission is above all to offer personalized and right support to our customers for each stage of their projects

Our skills

Member of the Ordre des Architectes as an architect but also as an interior architect, we work in Luxembourg and in France for our clients on various projects:

- Partial missions (authorization requests) or complete (with site monitoring), or simple advice.

- Transformations, extensions, renovations of existing buildings.

- New programs.

- Interior fittings: kitchens, bathrooms, furniture or even custom-made objects.


We assist you in the regulatory procedures for obtaining the necessary authorizations, but also in the choice of materials, companies, furniture, until decorative elements if you wish.

Mélodie TOSO

Architecte ENSAN I Fondatrice et gérante 

Born 1988 nationality FR 


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